ATP Renewals

Renewal and Duration of ATP

Starting from the date of construction of the isothermal vehicle, the A.T.P. it is valid for 6 years.

In the 6th and 9th and 12th years (no S), the renewal can be carried out at our reference testing center for another 3 years (renewal by an expert).

Reached 15th years (no s) of life, the renewal of the A.T.P. certificate must be carried out at the state test centers (CPA) but we can howewer give you full support in order to be prepared for the renewal process.

This renewal has a duration of 6 years, but involves significantly higher costs and requires isothermal cells kept in good condition. We are able to follow the reservation and final ATP release phase. For this type of test it is necessary to early book.

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ATP Regulation

The ATP is an international regulation, implemented also in Italy, which regulates the transport of goods in a controlled temperature regime.

A.T.P. (Accord Trasport Perissable) is the Italian acronym for “ Agreement for the transport of perishable foodstuffs and the special vehicles to be used for these transports “.

The ATP regulation is the result of a European agreement signed in 1970 by some states, including Italy, which imposes certain rules in the construction of isothermal equipment for refrigerated refrigerated transport intended for the transport of food perishable at controlled temperature, certain requirements for users and the methods for their respective controls.

It assumed legislative character in 1977 and, from September 1984, the then Ministry of Transport and Navigation (current MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRANSPORT) has been assigned the competence, which will carry out the technical verification tests through the Provincial Offices MCTC ( current DTT – Department of Land Transport ), while the sanitary hygiene aspect remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, through the ASL

The ATP standard prescribes types of perishable food to be transported in a controlled temperature regime and the temperatures at which refrigerated and refrigerated transport must be carried out.

These limits are in line with those set by the Ministry of Health (Presidential Decree No. 327/1980 and Ministerial Decree 12.10.81).

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