Last mile solutions

The last word in Last Mile Solutions.

Whether it is critical Pharma products or fresh produce, last mile deliveries must find their way through a maze of restricted urban areas. Noise must be minimized and emissions too, while highly sensitive and critical cargoes must be maintained in ideal conditions. Vehicles have to be compact and manoeuvrable to deal with narrow streets and traffic congestion.

Conventional refrigeration systems fail to meet these extreme demands, so we turned to innovative all-electric and cryogenic technologies. Now, we can offer a range of Last Mile solutions to fit vehicles ranging from the smallest delivery van to the largest rigid trucks. These include:

All-electric direct drive units, now with cooling and heating capability, for the smaller trucks and vans.

The all-new E-Series
The all-new E-Series, also all-electric direct drive, but with the performance to suit larger vehicles.

The innovative CryoTech range
The innovative CryoTech range with exceptional capacity, minimal noise and minimal footprint for truck and trailer applications.

Access the last mile
with confidence

With a growing number of cities placing restrictions on the exhaust and noise emissions of commercial fleets, the challenge is on for food distributors to find cleaner and quieter forms of delivery.

To help, Thermo King offers Whisper™ noise attenuation technology to enable your vehicles to enter any urban area 24/7. All our equipment is PIEK certified, and designed to offer the lowest possible carbon footprint – with diesel, direct drive, hybrid, and cryogenic options.