La nuova realtà del gruppo Mecar,
nata in stretta collaborazione con Thermo King.

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When the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out started, it highlighted the need for a more interconnected cold-chain. A cold-chain that isn’t restricted to just our highways. A reliance on a single mode of transport brings with it a slew of complications and limitations that will impact the......

Thermo King offers a full range of managed products for the
transportation temperature control industry. The research and development
of innovative leading solutions on the market are our pride. These are what
we need to continue offering our customers the most reliable,
efficient and functional products.

Thanks to the collaboration with Frigoblock, we have the most complete range of products and services in the refrigerated transport sector. Wherever your business takes you, our assistance and support services will follow you. Thermo King offers the largest worldwide network of certified technicians for the assistance service for refrigeration units for buses, trucks, semi-trailers, rail cars and sea containers.

Big steps forward for reducing emissions

As a leader in the refrigerated transport industry, Thermo King has long been aware of its responsibility for setting the highest environmental standards.
Our ambition covers all areas of our business: cutting-edge CO2 technology (the first on the market with R-452A refrigerant with low global warming potential), options for extremely low noise emissions, very low exhaust emissions and modern systems low environmental impact production: these are just some of the milestones in Thermo King’s business.
Our customers need to know that they are working with the most environmentally friendly equipment available on the market and we will not stop at anything to make this happen.

Innovation and cutting-edge technologies, refrigeration systems for TK transport, authorized service centers, these are the core skills at the base of the service platform, designed to meet the needs of highly demanding customers.

Since March 2020, Refresh Cold has been marketing temperature control systems for vans, trucks and semitrailers throughout Campania and manages a capillary network of qualified expert assistance, guaranteeing an unparalleled standard of quality.