Staying Connected: The benefits of a Multimodal Cold Chain

Staying Connected: The benefits of a Multimodal Cold Chain

When the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out started, it highlighted the need for a more interconnected cold-chain. A cold-chain that isn’t restricted to just our highways. A reliance on a single mode of transport brings with it a slew of complications and limitations that will impact the bottom-line. Not to mention the effect the massive number of trucks on the roads has on our climate.

With multimodal transport, a lot of these problems and limitations are circumvented. Need a large haul of fish transported from Norway to Spain? Instead of sending out a fleet of trucks, the cargo can be transported cheaper and easier on a cargo freighter, which fits up to 700 times the volume of a trailer. After a crane picks it off the ship, the container can be slotted onto a delivery truck to transport it to its final destination. But with a rising number of stops, comes an increase in complexity and errors, and we know you can’t afford that. That’s why Thermo King has taken great care to ensure your cargo stays safe, no matter the route, no matter the number of stops. With precise temperature control and real-time data tracking, you can ship your cargo with confidence. So let’s take a look around the multimodal supply chain and how our units can help along the way.

Thermo King’s End to End cooling solutions

Marine Transport

Not only is transport by sea the most climate-neutral option, it’s also the safest one. Data shows that rate of cargo theft is lowest on sea, with less than one percent of all instances of theft taking place on freighters. Our Thermo King units will also keep it safe from the high temperatures on the open seas.

With average cargo ship holding over 15,000 containers, it might seem like yours will get lost in the pile! But thanks to TracKing, you can keep a close eye on your cargo no matter where in the world it may find itself. Keep track of your cargo’s temperature, the unit’s fuel level and much more, straight from your desktop. If you cargo has to wait at a terminal, you can keep an eye out and respond to challenges immediately, however far away you are.

When it comes to our units, Thermo King’s offering is comprehensive. The Container Fresh & Frozen is the result of decades long experience in refrigerated transport, with the most accurate controller on the market. The Magnum Plus is perfect for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. And for those wanting to discover the true meaning, the Superfreezer pulls your cargo down to artic temperatures, with a reach of up to -70°C.

Whatever cargo you need to transport across the oceans, Thermo King will protect it from start to finish.

Road Transport

Of course, once the cargo arrives at port, there is still the needs to get it to its final destination! From long haul to the last mile, our units are there to get your cargo to the finish line. For larger vehicles, our landmark A-Series is the most fuel-efficient trailer unit on the market, bringing you incredible fuel-savings and helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our new V-1000 is the best of both worlds in truck refrigeration. A unit with all the cooling power of a diesel-powered device combined with the compact design, fuel-saving technology of a unit powered by the  vehicle’s unit. The V-1000 is available in several single and multitemp configurations, offering your fleet remarkable flexibility.

For smaller vans that need to breach the last mile, our E-200 and B-100 units are perfect. Small, quiet and fully-electric, both units comply with the regulations present in the inner cities. Be it Q(uick)-commerce or at-home grocery delivery, your cargo is kept cool. For fleets that only transport cooler cargo occasionally, our ColdCube™  is the flexible solution you need. These units can be installed and uninstalled, meaning you don’t need to invest in a dedicated transport vehicle.

Whatever cargo needs to traverse the road, Thermo King has the perfect solution to keep it at the optimal temperature.

Air Transport

To transport precious cargo aboard planes, Thermo King has teamed up with Envirotainer. Available in two sizes, our air-traffic containers are battery operated and can function autonomously for up to 100 hours. The Air100-RKN e1 is the smaller of the two, but every bit as powerful as its bigger brother. It features an internal refrigerated volume of 2,3m³, equivalent to roughly one pallet. Its big brother, the Air200’s refrigerated volume is 8,2m³, approximately 4 to 5 pallets. Designed for the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical industry, the units can go down to +2°C. As the need for air cargo transport has grown over the last few years, the transport industry spans the entire globe.

 Global Support

Thanks to our Dealer Network, this global transport industry is no problem for Thermo King customers. Whatever support you might require, qualified assistance is never more than a phone call away Wherever you are in the world, a dealer specialized in the mode of transport you need is always available to help you. To track your shipment across the entire cold chain, you can rely on Thermo King’s Connected Solutions. Wherever your cargo is, you will be able to instantly respond to any challenge that might appear.


In today’s global economy, the single-unit model is no longer the shortest road to efficiency. With Thermo King by your side to keep your cargo cold across its journey, multimodal transport offers your fleet a range of positives and opportunities, for your bottom-line to your carbon footprint.

Looking for the perfect multimodal partner: contact your dealer.